Why Grass-Fed?

Regeneratively & Holistically Farmed Grass-Finished Animals Traditionally Farmed Grain-Fed Animals
Fatty Acid Profile - 3x higher in omega-3s
- more healthful (lower) omega-6:omega-3 ratio
- same omega-6 levels, far lower omega-3 levels
Antioxidant Content - 7x higher in beta-carotene (Vitamin A)
- 4x higher a-tocopherol (Vitamin E)
- significantly greater gluthathione, glycine, cysteine, glutamine levels
- inverse linear relationship with amount of grain feed and antioxidant levels in meat
GMOs and Pesticides - never used - 235 million pounds of pesticides used to grow corn and soy cattle feed annually
- pesticide residue found in ALL tested samples of traditional cattle meat, inlcuding long-banned pesticides like DDT, associated with carcinogenic and non-carncinogenic health risks
- 99% of cancer biopsies tested contained the worlds most common pesticide, glyphosate
Antibiotics - never used - US uses 81 mg of antibitiocs per kg of cattle
- widespread abuse due to living conditions of animals fostering rampant, diverse disease
- antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat that has potential to colonize human microbiome when consumed
Steroids, Hormones - never used - always used to increase sellable meat content
- associated with increased risk of cancers impacting numerous organs
- associated with endocrine disruption causing reproductive, metabolic, and immune diosorders