Bison Liver Crisps - 100% Grass-Fed/Finished

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the only organ snack that’s actually delicious

Crisps made from bison liver and microplastic-free sea salt. No other ingredients!

🦬 100% grass finished & regeneratively raised.

🌍 Worlds best source of bioavailable vitamins & minerals.

🥩 1.5 oz of dried liver = 7.5 oz of raw liver. A week’s worth of nutrition!

😃 Thin, crispy, and savory snack to satisfy any cravings - guilt free!

30-day Money Back Guarantee!

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Customer Reviews

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These bison liver crisps were unlike anything I've ever tried. I the flavor, texture, and saltiness were perfect. Generally, the taste of liver is offputting to me but these crisps taste great. If you order these crisps, you'll find yourself craving them at random points throughout the day. I love how Grazly has made nutrient-dense snacks available in such a convenient and tasty vehicle.

Chris Chen
Glad I subscribed - Bison Liver Crisps

I had these for the first time after some bad experiences with 2 other brands of liver crisps, albeit those were both beef liver. I was blown away with how Grazly made these crispy, savory, and light without that liver taste! I felt great after eating them and even thought I felt more energetic after a few days. It was the taste, however, that really sold me and blew me away!

I like how the subscription feature lets me save a bit of money since I was planning to reorder anyway. You have a customer for life! Great job guys.

Brian Rice
Good Tasting Liver Crisps,

These Liver Crisps are good quality and taste good

kevin odonnell
Real food with real healing nutrition.

The packaging is great. It's clear what it is you're serving, it's cleanly designed to hit the selling points of the item, and although has a lot of information to say, it doesn't look overly busy, just straight to the point info.

Upon opening the package, there's that mild beefy irony smell, that really lends to the purity of the product. The liver pieces are crisp and flavorful with a very mild livery flavor, which is quite easy to eat, and flavorful. The crisp is important to hit that psychological snacking high one looks for in a snack food, and while I consider this a supplement, it does meet that craving for opening a bag of crispy somethings. There is a decent portion inside that let's you crunch for a bit that is satisfying. Of course I want more, but the serving is satisfying. If I had to complain, I would say that an extra dusting of salt at the end would add to the satisfaction of the snacking intent.

Ryan Griggs
Delicious snack

They did an incredible job with these dried liver crisps. Perfectly salted and great way to get liver in your diet!

Our Story

mike is diagnosed with crohn's, and matt is diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis - within months of each other.

symptoms worsen, despite being on expensive & injectable immune-suppressing medication.

over many months, a diet centered around real, whole foods and organ meats puts both brothers into remission. they get off medication.

grazly is founded to remove the barriers to eating organs, and empower everyone willing to improve their health.

in human studies

nutrients from heart & liver lead to a:


improvement in skin firmness, smoothness, and wrinkling*


reduction in inflammatory markers**


reduction in brain fog and low cognitive funtion***

deletecable crunch

Organ meats never tasted this good! Chips so delicious & savory, you'll want to keep eating more. Never let your health goals slip again!

grass finished & regenerative

All our animals are 100% Grass-Fed & Finished, and regenerate the land they graze on.

only 2 ingredients

We only use Grass-Fed meat & microplastic-free Vera Salt. Our flavored options have nothing added except organic spices!
benefit spotlight

Muscular Endurance, Cognitive Function, Immunity

Skin Elasticity, Blood Sugar Control, Energy Production

nutrient spotlight

Folate, Copper, B12

Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Riboflavin

best for

Chronic Health Conditions, Athletic Endurance

Skin Health, Strength & Power, Heart Conditions

flavor profile

Mild, Meaty, Salty

Light, Savory


Crystal A.

Perfect Crispy Texture!

I have a very limited diet and it’s difficult to find foods with a satisfying crisp/crunch. These elk heart crisps are seriously perfect. They are thin, light, and airy—not like a typical experience when eating an organ meat. I’m looking forward to getting my next bag!

Patrick Conway

Great product for taking my health to the next level

I purchased the Bison Heart Crisps after having great success with the Bison Liver Crisps and these are a fantastic addition to my diet. I have been dealing with gut issues for a long time and eating grass fed meat and organs has been a game changer. When I’m short on time and need a quick healthy snack these are clutch. These taste great and give me the energy to power through my day.

Jessica Lee

Love these!!

They taste awesome!! Light and crispy, almost like thin beef bacon. Perfect snack and I like to crunch up to add to salads, use like bacon. Love these in my diet! I could eat them everyday and feel good!!

Crystal A.

So convenient!

Vril dust is definitely on my favorites list. This product makes it so easy to get nutrients from liver, which I can’t stand the flavor of. Surprisingly, I really like adding vril dust to my meals! It has almost no flavor and what I do taste just seems to round out the flavor of my food very nicely. I love adding it to ground beef and soup!

Mike M

Insanely Crispy. My new favorite chip

The crispiness and flavor profile of these completely blew my expectations out of the water. The subtle gaminess mixed with the Vera salt combines into a perfectly flavored crisp. Not to mention they are super thin and crispy! 10/10

Raul Garza

Good taste

At first I was skeptical with the first bite, grabbed another chip and I just couldn’t stop eating them


super high quality. I love that the products are grass-fed and finished. new, original way to consume liver! Way better than taking 6 capsules a day!